The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia is the largest and the strongest organization of Trade Unions in the Republic of Slovenia. Twenty two branch Trade Unions are members of the Association, into which nearly 50% of active population have freely affiliated. It is the democratic organization of Trade Unions, built on the membership and upwards.

According to the provision of Ministry of Labour, family and social affairs of RS, the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia is one of seven representative confederations of Trade Unions in Slovenia. Also, all twenty two members - branch Trade Unions are representative.

This representation gives the Association and its members the crucial influence on making a valid collective agreement. It also gives the right to propose its own candidates for the elections to agencies of worker participation on the level of enterprises, companies and similar institutions. Furthermore, it promotes cooperation and influence with its representatives on: National Council of RS, the Economic and Social Council, the Assembly and the management committee of health insurance of RS, Assembly and the management committee of the pension and disability insurance of RS, Employment Agency of RS, Council of radio and television of Slovenia and other institutions on the state and local level.

Representation also gives the Association and its members successful international cooperation with individual Trade Unions' organizations from other countries as well as European Trade Union Confederation and its industrial committees. The Association joined the European Trade Union Confederation in 1999 while some branch Trade Unions have become fully authorized members of European and international industrial committees.

The members of the Association work independently on the basis of their own programs and statutes, and the program and statute of the Association.

The Association and its members have precedence over other organizations of Trade Unions, because they are organized regionally. This enables 15 regional organizations of the Association and several local offices to offer legal advice, professional and other help to their members near the place where they work and live.

The Association has also been focusing on educating its members. This education is administered by local experts, international institutions and professionals on numerous fields such as: labour co-management and shareholding, process of ownership, collective negotiations and similar fields.

* * *

One member of the Association is also Slovene Trade Union of Transport and Communications Workers. Referring to its statute and working program it decides independently about all things, important for employees in transport' and communications' sphere of activity.

All members of the Slovene trade union of transport and communication workers are offered the following services:
- free legal advice, legal help and juridical protection,
- guardianship of rights derived from collective agreements,
- home subscription to Trade Union's magazine called Workers' Unity,
- educating and qualifying trade union organizers,
- benefit card for cheaper shopping and services,
- financial assistance from sympathetic funds in accordance with statute,
- accidental insurance in case of death or invalidism,
- financial assistance for workers from strike fund in case of organised strike which is not recognized by the employer,
- holidays in the Trade Unions' facilities,
- loans from The Labour S&L.

To make work more efficient and to reach specific interests in traffic and connections the following select committees for subactivities were organized:
- committee for road passengers transport
- committee for delivering, warehouse and shipping activities
- committee for road economy
- committee for postal and courier services
- committee for telecommunication
- committee for construction and maintenance of telecommunication network

President of
Slovene Trade Union of Transport
and Communications Workers
Srečko Lorenčak
General Secretary of
Slovene Trade Union of Transport
and Communications Workers
Cvetka Gliha
Dalmatinova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, tel.: +386 1 430 36 70, faks: +386 1 430 36 74, DŠ: 47600187